Saturday, May 23, 2020

My Top Ten Amazon Purchases

Good morning! I love shopping on Amazon so I thought I would write about my top ten purchases right now. Here are ten things that I'm loving. All the products mentioned are linked so you can try them too!

Essential Oil Diffuser 
An essential oil diffuser makes your home smell amazing and can help with sleep. 

Diffuser Oil Pack
I completely recommend this diffuser oil pack! It's priced so well and comes with six different scents. The lavender oil is my favorite. Just mix a few drops to the water in your diffuser and your room will smell good for hours. 

Homesick Candle
I bought one of these candles for my sister as a Christmas present and she loved it. They come in every state and are supposed to remind you of home when your homesick. Such a cute idea and they smell amazing!

Glass Shelf
I have this glass shelf in my bathroom and I love it. It's the perfect way to display some cute products. 

Brita Water Filter 
The Brita water filter is the best one I've tried! I had one in my apartment and at my parents house in Los Angeles. 

Glass Tumbler with Straw
This tumbler is perfect for running errands. I love bringing iced coffee or water with me.

Reusable straws
I try to always use reusable straws. You can make such a difference just by switching to reusable straws. So many marine animals die every year from choking on plastic straws. These metal ones are easy to carry around and come with a brush to clean them.

I love writing in my planner and staying organized. I like to write a lot of to-do lists and make sure I have my day planned out so I can get everything done. The layout of this planner is my favorite because there are monthly and daily layouts. I use the monthly layout to write down any important dates, appointments, or meetings. Then, I use the daily layout to plan each day, the night before. 

Milk Frother
This milk frother is great to make at home lattes and comes in lots of different colors. You can use it to make matcha, hot chocolate, lattes, and macchiatos. 

Face Masks
I love these face masks! They are perfect for a spa night in your house! 

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