Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What I Wear to Runway Castings

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Tuesday's are always my busiest day with classes and homework, so I'm always happy when the day is over and I get to get into bed. 

With quarantine happening for at least the rest of the month, I have been missing modeling so much! I'm working on some upcoming projects while at home but I can't wait to get traveling and modeling again. 

I thought I'd make a post about what I wear to castings. I haven't seen many people write about what the casting process is like for runway modeling. The week before LA Models shut down because of Coronavirus, I had two runway castings and one runway show. 

Casting directors want to see you at your most natural. For runway castings, I come with very little to no makeup. If you want to see the products I use, you can read about it here. Sometimes, they will ask you to put your hair up so I always bring a rubber band. 

In runway modeling, you are basically the mannequin for the clothes. I wear all black to castings because it's easier for them to picture you in their clothes. Never wear any labels or patterns because it can call attention and make you stand out for the wrong reasons. I wear black leggings and a tight black tank top. In the winter, I'd wear a tight black turtleneck instead of tank top. I like to wear heeled boots rather than stilettos, because I think it looks more laidback and they are so much easier to walk in. You will most likely be changing at the casting, so wear nude underwear. I always bring my Tory Burch backpack to keep my portfolio and comp cards in. I think it adds some style while still looking professional. 


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