Thursday, October 31, 2019

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

For Halloween weekend, I flew to Dallas to visit my best friend at college. We pulled together some super cute costumes an hour before the parties! If you procrastinated your costumes for tonight, I got you covered!

For the first costume, we dressed up as In n Out workers! (A west coast favorite fast food place). We wore white skirts and white tops that we already had and got a red apron from a restaurant supply store. Party City and other costume stores would probably sell it as well! We went to In n Out to get our hats and that's it! Super easy!

I loved our Swat Cop costume! We bought the handcuffs, badge, and hat from Party City. You can use any black shorts and top that you already have, paired with some fishnet tights and black boots. They sell the fishnets at Party City too, but I will warn you they rip really easily. My tights ripped before we even got to the party, but a lot of people thought I did it on purpose! My handcuffs kept snagging them all night. For putting together a costume, literally an hour before the party I think it turned out super cute!

Some other quick costume ideas could be a cheerleader if you have an old uniform, a devil, or an angel. As long as you have the horns or angel halo, you can just wear all red or white!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!



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