Friday, August 2, 2019

My Experience Casting for Victoria's Secret

With the news of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show being canceled, I thought I'd share my experience casting for the brand. I've never shared this experience publicly before!

 When I was 16, I was boarding a plane to New York City for fashion week. I sat down in my seat and a woman sat next to me. We struck up a conversation and she asked why I was going to New York. When I told her I was going for fashion week, she said that she was casting for Victoria's Secret. The funniest part of this whole story was that it was a red-eye flight so I was in pajamas and eating ice cream during this conversation! Although, they were pajamas from PINK (Victoria Secret's other brand). At the time, modeling for Victoria's Secret was my ultimate goal, as it is for every model. Let's just say I never wore a pajama shirt on a flight again!

She gave me her business card and said she wanted me to cast for their new campaign. She set up a meeting at the Victoria Secret Headquarters for the next day. I was in complete shock and disbelief. 

When I arrived in New York the next morning, I called my agent and told her the news. She didn't believe that I randomly met the VP of Casting for my dream brand on an airplane. Sure enough, she got a call from the brand scheduling a private meeting with me. 

I checked into my hotel and frantically ran through the streets of New York to get coffee and my hair done. Fortunately, I had my lucky casting outfit in my suitcase. I changed, put on some heels, and headed over to Broadway Ave for my meeting. I remember being filled with so many butterflies as I walked into the Victoria Secret building. 

After entering the offices, a woman took me back to the warehouse space. I loved the brand so much that I was just as excited to see all the new pieces that hadn't been released yet. 

I met with so many people in the company and everyone was so sweet. I tried on a bunch of outfits from their new collection and we took pictures on a white backdrop. As much I tried not to mention my age, they eventually figured out that I was only 16. Because of my age, I wasn't able to work for them but it was an experience I'll never forget. Such a dream come true for me at the time!

Want to hear more crazy stories from modeling? Let me know in the comments!

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