Wednesday, August 28, 2019

IT Chapter 2 Premiere and Movie Review

On Monday night, I went to the IT Chapter 2 World Premiere. I'm a huge fan of horror movies so I was so excited to see this highly anticipated movie! 

When I arrived to the venue in Westwood, hundreds of fans were already lined up waiting to see the red carpet arrivals. I met my handler, Kayla, who escorted me to the red carpet. I walked the carpet and had my picture taken at each of the backdrops. They decorated everything so well and incorporated different props from the movie everywhere. The carpet was separated by two different rooms with press and paparazzi. The first was outdoors, and the other was in a tent that I heard people referring to as the "tunnel". The tunnel was much darker with red ambient lighting. 

After I finished with photos, we went inside the theater and were seated. There was popcorn and water waiting in everyone's seat. I sat with my handler, my dad, and a bunch of other people that I had met earlier that night. The director and cast came to the front of the theater and thanked everyone for coming. We also sang happy birthday to the director of the movie! Pretty soon, the lights went off and the movie started playing. 

For someone who hadn't seen the first movie, I was pretty shocked. Without giving away any spoilers, the movie is pretty graphic and the first scene depicts a brutal hate crime. If you're sensitive to extreme violence, I would say to watch a different movie! I like horror movies but it was a lot for me. It was also three hours long. The cast was incredible and you can absolutely tell how much time went into the making of the movie. Overall, a lot of people seemed to really enjoy it but it was a little too much for me.  

When the movie ended, we headed next door to the after party. The party was unbelievable and was decorated like the carnival in the film. There were games, fun houses, tons of food, and even a green screen where they put you into the movie trailer. You can watch mine below! 

By the way, I had to film this trailer in front of everyone which was so embarrassing! 

Overall, I had so much fun and am so grateful that I was invited to the premiere. IT Chapter 2 comes out September 6, in theaters everywhere. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

An Inside Look at Disneyland's Club 33

Whenever I'm sad, I know that a Disney movie can cheer me up. Disneyland is known as the happiest place on earth and after spending so much time at the park, I can definitely attest to that. 

My parents are members of Club 33 at Disneyland, so I grew up spending a lot of time, as well as having so many amazing memories, at the park. Today I'm going to be writing about what it's like to be members of Disney's exclusive club! 

For those who don't know, Club 33 is an exclusive member only club at Disneyland. It's located in New Orleans square, near the exit of the Pirates of Caribbean ride. 

Reservations for dinner can only be made by a member, but you are allowed to make reservations for guests. The menu consists of a five course meal accompanied by drinks and pallet cleansers. The chef will provide you the best dishes and can accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions. They even have a vegetarian course list. On the menu, you choose between three to four options per course. Lunch and dinner are served everyday, as well as brunch on weekends. Courses on the dinner menu change weekly, but usually range from soup and salad to steak and seafood. 

In addition to the restaurant, there is a jazz lounge and bar. Club 33 is the only place in Disneyland (not including California Adventure) where you can be served alcohol. In the jazz lounge, each booth is decorated related to New Orleans Square, including the Haunted Mansion. 

With your membership you also get valet parking at the Grand California every time you enter the park. You get admission to the park with your Club 33 member cards, as well as an allotted number of tickets that come with your annual membership dues. 

Another perk of being a member is that you get immediate fast passes for every ride. There are events that take place every month and members have first access to new parts of the park. This year, I got to go to the new Star Wars Galaxy Land a week before it opened. They  put our phones in bags to make sure we didn't take any photos before opening day. However, the photographers there took some hilarious photos of my boyfriend and me. 

 I still get the same feeling every time I walk into Disneyland and I'm sure I will forever. Disneyland is the place where everyone gets to be a kid again!

What's your favorite ride at Disney? Mine's Indiana Jones.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Apartment and Dorm Decorations #DormGoals

It's almost time to head back to campus! One of the best parts of going back to school is decorating your dorm room or apartment. It can be tough to move away from home so you want to make your new space feel as homey as possible. I'm going to show you some decorations that I'd love to have with me on campus this fall!

Society6 has the cutest decorations for your bedroom, bathroom, workspace, and common area! You can shop the back to college collection here! 

The best part of Society6 is every purchase you make goes towards the artist. They have thousands of decorations that are updated daily. I love traveling so some of the pieces that stood out to me were ones that reminded me of good memories. When you're decorating your new space, make sure you surround yourself with things that make you smile.

New York Pillow

Ace your classes with these adorable notebooks and backpacks.
You can also find cozy duvet covers and wall art for your space. #dormgoals

As you can tell from the pieces I picked, I love to decorate with colors like blush and grey. My little puppy, Millie, never leaves my side. She travels with me wherever I go, both for work and school.  

I'm going to make a room decorating series this year on my blog! What are you most excited for this semester? 

Friday, August 2, 2019

My Experience Casting for Victoria's Secret

With the news of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show being canceled, I thought I'd share my experience casting for the brand. I've never shared this experience publicly before!

 When I was 16, I was boarding a plane to New York City for fashion week. I sat down in my seat and a woman sat next to me. We struck up a conversation and she asked why I was going to New York. When I told her I was going for fashion week, she said that she was casting for Victoria's Secret. The funniest part of this whole story was that it was a red-eye flight so I was in pajamas and eating ice cream during this conversation! Although, they were pajamas from PINK (Victoria Secret's other brand). At the time, modeling for Victoria's Secret was my ultimate goal, as it is for every model. Let's just say I never wore a pajama shirt on a flight again!

She gave me her business card and said she wanted me to cast for their new campaign. She set up a meeting at the Victoria Secret Headquarters for the next day. I was in complete shock and disbelief. 

When I arrived in New York the next morning, I called my agent and told her the news. She didn't believe that I randomly met the VP of Casting for my dream brand on an airplane. Sure enough, she got a call from the brand scheduling a private meeting with me. 

I checked into my hotel and frantically ran through the streets of New York to get coffee and my hair done. Fortunately, I had my lucky casting outfit in my suitcase. I changed, put on some heels, and headed over to Broadway Ave for my meeting. I remember being filled with so many butterflies as I walked into the Victoria Secret building. 

After entering the offices, a woman took me back to the warehouse space. I loved the brand so much that I was just as excited to see all the new pieces that hadn't been released yet. 

I met with so many people in the company and everyone was so sweet. I tried on a bunch of outfits from their new collection and we took pictures on a white backdrop. As much I tried not to mention my age, they eventually figured out that I was only 16. Because of my age, I wasn't able to work for them but it was an experience I'll never forget. Such a dream come true for me at the time!

Want to hear more crazy stories from modeling? Let me know in the comments!
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